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All Pellet grills are so easy to use.
Just fill with wood pellets and start the grill. It will automatically
ignite the pellets and in 10-12 minutes you are ready to Cook or smoke.
Just set your desired cooking temperature and you are on your way to
Real Wood Smokey BBQ flavor.

Click Here to check out the videos on the beta tests of the WiFi controller add-on  for the atm pro controller

They have arrived ! Pitts & Spitts pellet grills and smokers.

Come see the best smokers currently manufactured in our showroom.

Please Note: All Grills and Pellets must be picked up in store. We do not Ship these items.


WiFi Controller Videos
Videos of the WiFi Controller in Action

The Following Videos were recorded on a Samsung Galaxy 6 ( Android ).

Please note that this item is still in beta testing. Still, have more bugs to iron out. Mostly Hardware issues.
please stay tuned for more info on release dates.

For some reason, the last video dated 7/4/2017 plays at 1/4 speed. Increase play speed to 4X and you will see it in actual true speed.


WiFi Videos of the New add on to the ATM Pro BBQ Controller
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