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All Pellet grills are so easy to use.
Just fill with wood pellets and start the grill. It will automatically
ignite the pellets and in 10-12 minutes you are ready to Cook or smoke.
Just set your desired cooking temperature and you are on your way to
Real Wood Smokey BBQ flavor.

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How to prevent the er-2 code on the pitts&spitts during winter/cold months

ATM Pro BBQ Controller
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Unavailable at this time. 

ATM Pro Digital  BBQ Pit PID Controller 

A direct replacement for standard Controllers.
Works with most major brands of Pellet BBQ Smokers.

Traeger, Smoking Brothers, Camp Chef,  and more.

If you want the ultimate controller this is it.

Infinetly modifiable. No Criptic codes on the screen to decipher. Plain English.

Some of the base features are:

  • 3 Stage cooking.

       _The 1st  stage is the smoke stage.
          It will run for the time you set it for and
          continue to the 2nd stage automatically.

_The 2nd stage is the done stage and the pit will cook until either the time you set has expired or the temperature of the meat
   reaches your set done temperature. Which ever is reached first.
_The 3rd stage is the hold stage. When stage 2 timer is up or meat temperature is reached stage 3 temp is set to desired Holding Temp and will stay on that temperature until you change it or shut it down. No timer on the hold stage.

  • Manual or Automatic PID mode.

This is a highly modified PID routine that takes into account the generation of clean blue smoke. Most PID controllers will not produce this kind of smoke or very little smoke at all. Even if temps are above 250 you still get good smoke.

  • Up to 4 Temperture probes. 1 is reserved for the pit temp the rest can used as additional pit or food sensors.

  • 1 Internal Temperature sensor for ambient sensing. This allows the controller to compensate for extra cold weather.
  • Solid State Relays are used for smothe quiet switching of the Fan, Auger, and Ignitor.
  • 15 minute automatic cool down.
  • Auto ignite if pit temp falls 30 degrees below setpoint.
  • Auto shutdown if temp goes over 530

  • Auto shutdown if grill fails to lite within 15 minutes. Error on screen displays "Ignite Fail". No silly codes to decipher
  • Calculates average Pit Temperatures and display's it.
  • Calculates Percentage of Auger on time and display's it.
  • Predicts rising and falling temps and display's it.
  • Set desired Temperature from 150-500 in 5 degree increments. 1 degree via serial port.

  • Cook Clock displays total elapsed cook time.

  • Fan only Mode for using secondary smoking device. This allows for smoking cheese etc.

  • Pit Temperature offset adjustment.
  • Log data to Computer for Graphing.

  • You can even talk to the controller via a serial port and make any changes you want on the fly.
  •  and much more.

 View a video of the New WiFi Controller

  Actual Videos of a Brisket Cook.

 This is the 6 Minute one.

Uses Arduino mega R3 Micro Controller board at its heart. Programming cable included.

We are currently out of stock on this complete unit but you can build it yourself with all the parts that are sold here on this site.
If you order the Mega2560 from me the latest version of the ATM Pro version software will be pre-loaded


ATM Pro Digital BBQ Controller

Drop By the store and let us give you a demo of our pellet grills. You will be impressed at how easy it is to cook your own BBQ


You Can BBQ year round with these grills.


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